5 Best Horror Games for Android

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1. Limbo

This game is also one of the best horror games in the recent memory. In this game you play as a boy who is searching for his lost sister. This game too has monochromes, minimalist graphics. Limbo is a game in which you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to proceed. This game has a scary and creepy atmosphere. It should only take a few hours for you as a gamer in order to succeed and complete this game. Still, this game is really cool.

2. The Walking Dead Series from Telltale

The Walking Dead series is one of the best series of horror games from Telltale Games. This series is popularly based on the popular comic book series and TV show appearing in the same name. In each game, you’ll have to play up through five episodes of the story line and will have to try hard to survive the zombie hoard, crazy people, and other obstacles in the game . There are total four games in the franchise.

3. Fran Bow Series

Fran Bow is yet another series of best horror games available. Each game has a unique and different chapter in the story line of the game. Unlike many other horror games that package the whole series up with a single title, This game breaks up the mold by making up each chapter its own downloadable game. This game lies in the puzzle genre, where you have to self-administer medication to go into a different world. Each single game in this series will cost you about $1.96.

4. Dead Effect 2

This game is a creepy sci-fi shooter game. Here, you play up the role of one of the three characters in the game . In this game your main goal is to level up, find new weapons, and lastly defeat up the bad guys. It consists lots of alien bad guys, tons of dark corridors, and yeah a 20-hour campaign mode to play through. Thus, it’s all about as near to a scary horror shooter as it gets up on your mobile.

5. Unkilled

Lastly, Unkilled is also among the best FPS horror games that are made for mobiles. Unkilled is a zombie shooter game with a whole bunch to do. Unkilled would give you over 150 missions to complete, a bunch of bad guys and bosses to kill, and there are multi-players that are online too. The graphics of the game are also pretty good. This game makes you experience a lot of fun, even for a freebie game.

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